Forward-Looking Wealth Management

You know the world is changing – and fast. Are your investments changing with it?


Our clients understand the world ten years from now will be a very different place than the world ten years ago. Smartphones and the internet; globalization and robotics; work-from-home and the gig economy; green energy, biotechnology, machine learning, and more; all are revolutionizing how we work, play, live, and learn.


Forward-looking portfolio management will be rewarded during this period of incredible change. There will be new opportunities and new dangers. Traditional investment strategies may fail. Conventional wisdom will shift. Investors who simply repeat what has worked in the past will suffer.

Prosperity. Peace of Mind. That’s it.

Clients trust Ken MacNeal to keep their money safe because he has been protecting and growing his clients’ wealth for more than 40 years. Ken is passionate about money management and dedicated to finding investment opportunities around the world. As a discretionary portfolio manager, Ken is able to react quickly and flexibly to changing market conditions. The Globe & Mail has called Ken a “Calgary contrarian” for his ability to dodge market crashes by seeing when conventional wisdom has soured into the madness of crowds.

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Train arriving, symbolizing timely insights

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