Our services

For each new client, our team will consult with you to build your financial plan. The plan provides a road map for of an investment policy statement that determines an asset allocation process.

In addition, we are experienced in deploying insurance as an estate planning strategy, to provide intergenerational transfer of wealth and empowering you to reach your philanthropic goals. We are able to identify the circumstances where insurance would be a relevant tool for estate planning strategies.

Our strategies and values

We take the time to understand your goals and objectives. We take great care of your money and share your investment objectives with our own. 

We believe in diversification. A combination of ETFs, individual securities and fixed income components are employed to build our portfolios. We offer full discretionary money management solutions for clients looking for a well-diversified portfolio. The Richardson Wealth Managed Portfolios are customized solutions that can help you navigate an ever-changing investment landscape. The portfolios are founded on best practices learned over decades of practical experience, incorporating a modern approach to investment management, anchored by the tenets of diversification, transparency and cost efficiency. When you choose Managed Portfolios, you will benefit from a team of investment professionals dedicated to helping you reach your investment goals. 

80% of our personal money is in large, quality, well capitalized, established stocks either via blue chip stocks, alternative strategy mangers or ETFs. We find that our internal managed portfolios, which provide “best of breed managers”, active management in “inefficient markets” and low-cost ETFs, built with a macro overlay low costs, can provide a complementary slice of any portfolios that we construct to achieve clients’ objectives.   

We run a world class stock portfolio, primarily Buffet-like moat stocks that are fundamentally and technically healthy. We think that gaining incremental value from this component is difficult to achieve as these companies are over researched and often efficiently priced. Our selection process is extensive and value-oriented.

20% of our money is in search of outsized returns. These are typically small capitalization companies or private companies. We do extensive due diligence on these potential selections. We typically interview managements of 2 to 5 companies per week.

We have developed substantial criteria for what we will invest in. We avoid start-up situations and privates are bought only where we feel liquidity is less than 24 months out.

Our team works from a foundation of comradery and a passion for achieving our clients’ investment goals. Gellman Wealth Management Group and Richardson Wealth is defined by our vast networks, scrupulous due diligence processes, discerning client base, our search for outsized returns and our outstanding trading skills.