Investment experience redefined

At Gellman Wealth Management Group, we use our extensive experience to build strong portfolios. We pride ourselves on our substantial idea generation and deal flow. Our clients continually look to us for new ideas to redefine their investment experience for now and into the future.

Our extensive and diverse experience

With decades of experience, Jim Gellman has been through many cycles of the market. Jim Gellman has worked extensively on institutional trading desks, dealing with exceptional money managers.

We use this experience to trade for sophisticated clients, many of whom run their own money as their primary occupation. Our goal is to provide institutional coverage experience to those who want to manage their own portfolios. We add value via security ideas, trading and new issue exposure and through understanding and evaluating new issue opportunities. Often, we can add substantial value to client portfolios by buying and trading deals that are well subscribed for. 

We have built a substantial network of contacts through our longevity in the business. Our experienced network help provide valuable insight, and we use them and their contacts to assist in our extensive due diligence processes. Often our networks are also involved in meeting with managements of companies we are looking to invest in. Our network’s views are often critical in our analysis and decision making.

Our skill set also lends itself to those clients who are less interested in the day-to-day market experience. We use our extensive experience to build personalized portfolios and provide quarterly reviews.

Creating value with a personal touch

We understand that the markets can be volatile and unpredictable in nature. We help you navigate these situations by taking the time to understand your individual investment requirements and evaluating your temperament for risk versus return against your financial needs. We will build your portfolio for long-term success. 

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