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As a woman in business, Lynn has always felt an affinity towards fellow professional women and entrepreneurs leading her to write a series for The Montrealer on “Women and Wealth.” It’s an extension of many of the conversations Lynn and Fadi have with the professional women our team serves. 

Nearly 90% of women will be sole financial decision-makers in their households at some point in their lives1 and yet, women are largely underserved in the wealth management industry. Women also often have interrupted careers as a result of family responsibilities and often earn less than men. Contrasted with longer life expectancy, this adds up to a more urgent retirement and resiliency plan. 

We’re in tune with these unique needs of women both as independent professionals and key financial decision-makers within families. We have built long-term relationships navigating life both pre- and post-retirement in a way that upholds your values and goals. 

These are just some of the ways that, as a professional woman, your needs are unique and complex. Contact us for a copy of our article Financial Challenges Women Face and to learn more about winning strategies that can help you to advance your goals and secure your future. 

[1] Women and Wealth white paper. Strategic Insight 2017