Our proven, consistent process


Discovery Meeting

We follow a consistent, disciplined process to implement multidisciplinary and multigenerational financial planning to simplify the complexities of our clients’ busy lives. We start by establishing a clear bill of client profiles through in-depth discussion about your personal balance sheet and a review of your goals and concerns.

Analysis & Advice

Using these insights, we'll discuss your liabilities along with your strengths and then address your specific needs and opportunities through five stages:

  • Strategic investment planning to manage all your assets both today and in the future to make sure you have the funds to provide for your family’s needs through all life stages;
  • Financial and insurance planning to protect your income, family, and financial future in every possible eventuality, including illness, disability or untimely death;
  • Debt reduction to help you consolidate debts and create a detailed monthly budget to increase your cash flow and enable you to set aside money for the future. A small leak can sink a big ship, but the opposite is also true – smart decisions really add up;
  • Retirement planning to keep you on track to continue enjoying your desired lifestyle when you stop working;
  • Tax and estate planning to keep your wealth in the family by investing tax-effectively. This becomes more important the wealthier you become and we are well qualified to assist you. We work closely with Richardson Wealth’s Tax and Estate Planning team to address even the most sophisticated needs. Also ask us about legacy planning and strategic philanthropy.

Ongoing Review

On an ongoing basis, we monitor your financial plans and any changes in your personal or professional life and review this process with you regularly.