Our account options

Choose the fee structure that best suits your needs:

Transactional Account

Commission based structure

A transactional account follows the traditional advisory-client relationship in which the client is charged a commission for every trade performed in the portfolio. The commission will depend on the value/size of the trade and asset class, including equities, fixed income, mutual funds and exchange traded funds.

Asset Managed Account (AMA)

Fee-based, Non Discretionary Asset Managed Account

The AMA Program is Richardson Wealth’s Non Discretionary Asset Managed Account service, which combines the benefits of professional advice from our team with convenience, control, and flexibility for you. An all-inclusive flat percentage cost charged on assets under care allows our team to provide superior service, unbiased advice and customized solutions aligned to best serve your needs. We provide comprehensive advisory services designed to offer you our expertise and the convenience and flexibility to make investment switches, rebalance asset mixes, and exercise strategies at a predictable rate.

Portfolio Managed Account (PMA)

Fee-based, Discretionary Portfolio Managed Account

The PMA Program is Richardson Wealth’s Discretionary Portfolio Management Service, which allows the delegation of day-to-day investment decisions to a professional Portfolio Manager. This option is based on an all-inclusive flat percentage cost charged on assets under care and is attractive to clients who want freedom from managing the complexities of their own portfolio and the confidence of knowing their wealth is being managed to the highest standards. A personalized Investment Policy Statement “IPS” will be developed with consideration of numerous factors, such as investment objectives, time horizon, liquidity requirements, return expectations, and risk tolerance. With these guidelines in place, you can trust our team to develop and manage a tailored portfolio customized to achieve your goals. PMA is most suitable for our busiest professional and business owner clients.