Our transparent business platform

Fee based Wealth Consultants: Advised or discretionary

"We are strong advocates for a transparent and honest relationship with clients.  There are no secrets about what we do for clients, how we do it and how we are compensated."

Aligned interests

An all-inclusive flat percentage fee charged on assets under care places the client on the same side of the table as the Advisory team. All parties maintain a powerful vested interest in protecting and growing the investor’s assets.

Transparency of fees

We proudly operate with clients knowing exactly how much they pay for the full suite of services we deliver. This allows us to emphasize our refined process over other product based approaches.

Positioned for success

In some cases, the portfolio yield may effectively cover the fee based to manage the accounts, leaving capital to grow over time and minimizing out of pocket expenses for the client. Typically, no fee is charged on cash or cash equivalents, only on invested positions. During periods where higher cash weightings are necessary for defensive positioning, our client portfolios are not unduly punished by fees.

Put our refined process to work

A fee-based platform facilitates nimble and smart decision making, putting us in an environment where we can best put our refined process to work. Adapting to changing market conditions is made simpler and without worry about the further impact of transaction costs.

Professional sounding board with no biases

Our purpose is to help people make informed decisions with their financial affairs. As part of our service we provide, we are happy to act as a sounding board for your friends and family members with no obligation to become clients. We are not only dedicated to helping you achieve your financial goals, but also helping those who are important to you.