Our Core Investment Process

A refined process that sets your portfolio free

Our core investment process

Process Driven

We emphasize our refined process over transactions and are agnostic towards financial products. Suitable investments may change over a cycle depending on client objectives and market conditions, but our process remains consistent. The greatest benefit we bring to our client relationships is our ability to manage emotional states. We operate from a fundamental belief that human nature is one of the greatest enemies to successful investment. Our highest calling is often to keep our clients invested when they are tempted to run, and to make important asset allocation shifts along the way. Our process allows us to help clients maintain focus and discipline in a market often skewed by emotion.



We use a full range of core investment products and solutions, including mutual funds, exchange traded funds, individual equities, and fixed income vehicles such as government bonds, corporate bonds and guaranteed investment certificates. There is no financial product or strategy that we won’t consider as long as it meets our strict due diligence parameters and is suitable for our clients’ strategies. 


Global Perspective

Today, global markets are interconnected. A successful investment approach should be equally integrated and connected – encompassing equity markets, interest rates, credit markets, commodities, real estate, and foreign exchange – all with a global perspective. 

Risk Management

Capital protection is of paramount importance. We tailor advice and closely monitor portfolios to minimize downside risk, remaining flexible, vigilant and adaptable to changing client situations and market conditions. We actively rebalance portfolios to ensure the risk-to-reward is maintained and improved upon continuously. Also fully licensed to provide advice on insurance, we can protect your income and lifestyle. Whether it is for guaranteed income under annuity products or for family, mortgage, and long-term disability protection, we can find the right policy at the right price. 


Aligned Objectives

It is important to have an Investment Advisor who shares the same vested interest as you. Our clients trust us to deliver on and stay true to our discipline. We take this trust seriously. Not only do we treat our clients’ assets as if they were our own, but we also demonstrate our commitment by investing our own money in the same strategies we recommend.  And, we manage our clients’ wealth on a fully transparent fee based platform.



Our approach to investing, portfolio construction and maintenance is relatively simple: conservative strategies to build portfolios that generate both a regular income and attractive risk-adjusted capital growth over time. Consistency of performance in all types of market condition is key. We make disciplined, non-emotional investment decisions and do not fall in love with any one strategy, yet have great passion for the work we do. Our investment process incorporates both bottom up value driven fundamental analysis, top down macro market analysis, as well as technical and quantitative indicators that help determine possible market entry and exit points.