Our vision

Staying wealthy

Affluent people lead busy and complex lives. We take care of all aspects of your corporate and personal wealth and, like a personal CFO, coordinate with other professional advisors so that you—and multiple generations of your family—can enjoy your prosperity, support your favourite charities, leave a meaningful legacy, and generate a steady stream of tax-efficient income from your investments.

Providing services approaching that of a multi-family office, we will help our clients, primarily accredited investors, to identify what matters most and ensure they have ample means to enjoy it. We counsel some of Canada’s wealthiest individuals, families, business owners, entrepreneurs, foundations, and charities.

Trusted service. We begin with a deep understanding of your financial footprint, needs, concerns and goals. Your financial affairs will be treated with the utmost privacy and confidentiality. We advise a very small and select group of financially successful individuals and devote significant time and attention to each. Our team is guided by integrity, transparency and a passionate focus on helping you achieve your goals.

Objectivity. Richardson Wealth gives us the freedom to advise you objectively with no bias to any particular investment or solution and no conflict of interest. We provide institutional-style wealth management advice, seeking out best-in-breed investment opportunities worldwide.

Balance. As your trusted financial stewards, we maintain a balance between the wealth you enjoy today, set aside for tomorrow, and choose to share through strategic philanthropy. Since global and personal events always change, we meet with you and your advisors often to refine and rebalance your plan.

Philosophy. We preserve wealth through growth targets, risk management, asset allocation, tax-conscious strategies and client education. As disciplined, long-term value investors, we provide tactical exposure to different asset classes integrated to achieve short- and long-term goals and perform rigorous tax management. We strive to provide maximized net returns after taxes, counteracting inflation and charge competitive, transparent fees.