Oh Canada


July 2019

The 1st of July marks a day when Canadians from coast to coast come together in celebration of the red and white that binds us. Canada Day is more than just an extra day off, a fact that has been made all the more poignant by a few immigrants we know who will be celebrating their first as Canadians this year. There is a lot that we take for granted in the Great White North. Globally, our brand is well recognized and quite respected. Canada is an objectively great place to live. Let us take a moment to appreciate what our proud nation has been, is and will be in the future. Oh Canada!

We hope you enjoyed the festivities this weekend and we wish you all a wonderful July

Elections 2019: It Begins

Just a few weeks ago, we watched with awe as the Toronto Raptors won their first ever NBA championship title. It was the most watched televised event of 2019, with over 13.4 million Canadians watching Game 5 alone. A third of the country tuned in and with that size of audience we saw the first political ads of this year's federal election. The polls won't open until the Fall but it seems the lobbying is well under way. This will certainly be a hot contest.

There is no doubt that Canada has some hot button issues for the election to tackle. Environmentally, there is more than just the carbon tax and pipeline to consider. The economy continues to plug along despite Chinese trade flare-ups that have put a halt to many agricultural exports. Housing is becoming more affordable in some places and interest rates seem to have peaked for now. Voters seem disillusioned with the political process and are deeply concerned about rising costs of living. Many professionals are still feeling the impact of recent tax changes that have hit their company investments hard. There is no shortage of fuel for some lively debates.

While the election will carry uncertainty for many more months, the one thing we know now is that the campaigns have begun.

Reminder: Millennial Wealth

Financial Literacy Advice Event
on July 9th, 2019

**Update: Location change!

  • We will be hosting the Millennial Wealth seminar downtown at our office at 550 Burrard Street.

When: July 9th, 2019

  • Doors open at 5:30pm with our presentation starting at 6pm

As a reminder, we will be hosting our Millennial Wealth advice event on July 9th. Our venue has changed but our invaluable content is the same. If you have any young adults in your life who could use a refresher course on personal finance and investing please let us know! Geared towards those aged 19-35, we hope to increase the fiscal responsibility of the next generation as they work their way towards financial freedom.

In an open forum, we will discuss:

  • Budgeting and reducing your expenses
  • How to manage banking and credit products
  • Protecting your assets and your income
  • Saving plans and investing for success
  • Managing taxes and fees

Attendance is complimentary for our clients and their families/friends.

Spaces are limited to please forward any interest to Robert.McLean@RichardsonGMP.com

In the Shopping Cart: Get on the bus!

New Flyer Industries has been a dominant player in transit and coach busses for over 85 years. As North America's largest bus manufacturer, they employ over 6,000 people in 31 facilities across the continent. New Flyer has a consistently reliable business model with high visibility on their earnings. The strong fundamentals and reasonable valuation reinforce our conviction on this name.

One of the core criteria we look at for all of our investments is how they fit into the rapidly changing world we live in. New Flyer is well positioned to take advantage of the green shift as their fuel-agnostic busses can vary from hydrogen cell to fully electric. With a social shift towards eco-friendly public transportation, we are excited to get on the bus with this notable Canadian company.

Summer Readings


Rob's latest pick: In the Distance by Hernan Diaz. Featured on the Pulitzer short-list, it weaves its way through rich character development and graphic storytelling. It is a well crafted novel that makes the reader wonder how this could be the author's first published book.

If you are looking for multiple books to keep you busy this summer, the Vancouver International Writers Fest releases their summer reading list of interesting books that will be featured at the festival in the fall. While far from exhaustive, it is a good place to start if you're looking for a few good reads to take on your next vacation.

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