Q1 Volatility
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Published by Jack James on Apr 01, 2022

This concludes the first quarter of 2022. If there has been any notable theme in the last three months, it has been volatility. Volatility caused by inflation and policy expectations. Volatility caused by war and elevated geopolitical strife. Volatility... Read more
Year End Reflections
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Published by Jack James on Dec 15, 2021

And just like that, the end of yet another year is upon us. As is customary for many at this time of year, we like to reflect back before looking forward - asking what will the world remember about the year that was? Vaccines and re-openings? Clogged... Read more
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Published by Jack James on Aug 13, 2021

As we officially push through the halfway point of the summer, much like the heatwaves currently gripping large parts of the globe, equity markets continue a hot streak of their own. Largely unabated in their push higher, stocks continue to benefit from... Read more