Our ideal client

We work best with:

  • Professionals, business owners, families and individuals looking for a relationship with a team of experienced financial advisors.
  • Families and individuals who believe in our process, including discretionary portfolio management and value investing. It is important to us to determine, at the beginning, that the relationship between the client and financial advisor is “a good fit” and that we‘ll be able to work together for many years.
  • Families and individuals who will rely on us as their first point of contact for professional referrals, whether that is a lawyer for estate planning, accountant or real estate agent. We have a number of relationships across Canada and want to assist clients at every juncture in life.
  • Families and individuals who look beyond their own wealth and want to create strategies for charitable giving or inheritance succession. 
  • Families and individuals who are willing to consider introducing us to others. If our clients feel that someone would benefit from our services, we will meet them and help, if we can.


If these criteria describe you, please contact Fraser and start on the Pathway to Balance today!