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Grantham predicts a crash
Author: Hilliard MacBeth
Investment guru Jeremy Grantham, founder of a major investment firm based in Boston, delivered a warning this week. He says that the... Read more
Things to be grateful for in 2020
Author: Hilliard MacBeth
While 2020 has been a very difficult year for all of us, I have learned that taking the time to make a gratitude list is always helpful... Read more
Canada needs an electric vehicle option
Author: Hilliard MacBeth
Canada risks falling behind in the race to build electric vehicles. Decades of reliance on the Big Three U.S. automakers means that... Read more

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2020 year-end tax planning checklist
Our annual year-end tax-planning checklist is available with important updates, including tax implications of the federal government’s pandemic relief measures.
Start planning early for this unprecedented tax season. Find your checklist here.

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