My philosophy



My philosophy

I strive to effectively manage the financial behaviours of my clients and help them to make investment decisions that are critical to achieving real life goals and better long term returns, my business relationships are not performance related for the following reasons:

  • Outperformance is neither a financial goal nor a financial plan.
  • There is no statistical evidence for the persistence of performance.
  • What I can offer is a practical and reliable way to achieve superior long-term, real-life results.
  • Successful long-term investing is goal-oriented and therefore plan-driven
  • Behavioural Finance involves three core principles: 

Entrepreneurial mindset, patience and discipline!

My clients’ investment plans are based upon disciplined diversification that will capture sector and geographical exposure in order to prevent clients from taking on excessive risk. Each client’s personalized plan will be designed to help achieve individual life goals and will include outcome oriented investments.

My discipline 

A client's investment strategy consists of determining appropriate diversification amongst investment categories/types that are consistent with the long-term goals of the client. We take into consideration the level of fluctuations that may occur over time due to market influences. Successful and managed risk-taking requires regular and active professional oversight. To ensure the quality and integrity of a portfolio, I utilize a detailed screening and selection process for choosing Portfolio Managers, along with an ongoing monitoring process for the management of the portfolio.


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