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"In family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together
 and the music that brings harmony."

Eva Burrows

Your financial plan will be based on your goals, and it must be flexible to accommodate unexpected life events. Careful planning prepares us to navigate through such events together:

Tax and financial planning. This can be as simple as opening a Tax-Free Savings Account, income splitting, or taking out a spousal loan. Consulting with your tax specialist, we will ensure you minimize your tax load.

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Insurance planning. Most people would never give up their home, car and life insurance, but fail to insure their health. The government provides basic health care, but you should consider Long-Term Care Insurance or an Estate Bond. If you are insurable, permanent life insurance provides funds to pay the tax on your registered investments upon death and helps preserve the value of your estate for your heirs.

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Retirement planning. We will help you identify the goal you wish to reach and your timeframe. Once retired, we will help you enjoy a monthly income flow that meets your anticipated needs while reserving funds to leave a family legacy. 

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Estate planning. With our legal advisors, we will help you set up a Power of Attorney, Enduring Power of Attorney, and/or a Power of Attorney for Personal Care; craft a Will to transfer assets to your family, friends or charitable organizations; and consider cottage or farm succession, guardianship, trusts, and more. In addition, we will guide you through Will planning, liquidity planning, and business planning.

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Disability planning.   With practical experience, we can help you understand the benefits to creating a plan that will help financially secure the future of your loved one who has a prolonged disability and help provide you with peace of mind.

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Managing your wealth effectively requires continuous attention to ensure that, as your family’s goals change and financial markets and government regulations evolve, you are capitalizing on solutions to help maintain, protect and transfer your wealth.







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