Life events

The one thing we can be certain about in life is change.

Today, the family unit has changed in many ways from the classic "Leave it to Beaver” days, but families are still the foundation of society. Our effective planning and timely solutions help you manage financial stress during major life events.


Marriage — We can help you manage debt, choose joint or separate accounts, budget and manage money, prepare for taxes that will come due on major assets when you die, and invest your inheritances or other windfalls.

Children — Our strategies help you save for your children's education, provide financial security for disabled children, help your kids start saving for their financial futures, and plan your legacy.

The sale of a business — We’ll help you decide whether to sell shares ofthe parent corporation or have the corporation sell the business’ assets,whether to transfer ownership to a family member, and how to safeguard yourbusiness as your retirement nest egg. Our tax strategies can alleviate the biteout of your sale proceeds.

Disability — It’s more common than most people believe. We will help you understand Registered Disability Savings Plans (RDSPs), set up Henson or Testamentary Trusts, and obtain proper insurance.

Separation or divorce — We’ll guide you through the financial fall-out of divorce, protect your retirement plan, understand the Equitable Division of Assets, and manage your pension as it relates to your ex-spouse.

Death of a loved one — We’ll help you plan the right Will, understand the difference between an Enduring Power of Attorney and a Power of Attorney, choose an Executor, and ensure your spouse can survive without you. Our holistic financial plan guides you when a loved one dies; we reduce the stress during this emotional time, maximize wealth transfer and reduce taxes where possible.

Retirement — Ask us how much money you should save for retirement, whether to put savings in a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) or Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP), when to begin taking Canada Pension Plan (CPP) benefits, and how changes in Old Age Security will affect you.

Other life events that impact your financial goals: ailing parents and their care, leaving a career or job, empty nesting.

Contact us for more detailed information in context of your unique circumstances and needs.


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