Insurance needs

Risk protection is an essential component to a Comprehensive Financial Plan. Most people would never give up their home insurance, their car insurance or even life insurance and yet, when it comes to our own personal needs, we neglect them. Although, no one plan, will be the exact same as another, and with the help of myself and my team, we will customize your Insurance Needs to be incorporated in your overall plan. We address what your insurance needs may be and with the support of our Richardson Wealth Insurance Services Team, there are many options you should consider.

Remember:  Despite our progressive health care system, we are still faced with long waiting periods and increasing health care costs. Whether you are young or getting older, anyone can be confronted with short term or long term disability, a critical illness such as cancer or heart attack, or the need for long term care.

Disability insurance — Or income replacement insurance allows someone who has become disabled, due to illness or injury, to receive monthly benefits during a certain period of time. If you are a self-employed worker, an entrepreneur, or employed by a company that does not offer coverage in the event of disability, this insurance is for you.

Critical Illness — helps those insured to maintain a certain quality of life in giving them the possibility to meet different needs related to critical illness, including:

  • Repaying debts
  • Taking a leave to recover or receive specific medical care
  • Going on vacation
  • Retiring early
  • Ensuring child care
  • Helping in business

If you already have Disability insurance, you can also benefit from Critical Illness insurance. If you are unable to work because of a disability, disability benefits help you pay your actual expenses. However, these insurance benefits can be insufficient to cover all important and one-time expenses associated to a critical illness.

Long Term Care Insurance — Coverage which helps those insured to stay in control so they have the possibility to choose to:

  • Receive better health care
  • Stay at home as long as possible or choose the best suitable health care facility (public or private)
  • Compensate an informal caregiver who provides care gratuitously
  • Protect their wealth and succession they want to pass to their children


  • Maintain living standards despite inconveniences caused by their state of health
  • Be able to choose a care facility designed to meet their needs.

Ask us about:

  • Family Wealth Transfer Plan
  • Insured Annuity
  • Estate Bonds
  • Estate Preservation
  • Insuring Your Children/Grandchildren

Contact us  for more detailed information in context of your unique circumstances and needs.


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