Being an executor

Many of us have received a request from a friend or family member to act as the executor of their estate. Others may anticipate such a request in the future and some of us may already be acting as an executor. For all of us in these situations, the following questions arise:

  • Is this an honour or a burden?
  • Can I back out if the tasks prove too difficult?
  • What are the tasks I must do?
  • What time commitment can I expect?
  • What risks are there in acting as an executor?
  • Where can I, as an executor, get help?
  • Can I be paid for acting as an executor?


In this article, you will find information about being the executor of an estate. It will help you understand if you are both capable of and willing to act in such a role. None of us should act as an executor if we feel that the role is undesirable for us. Having a reluctant or hesitant executor is often the worst scenario for an estate and its heirs.


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