Our holistic approach

Brumer Seidman Wealth Management: Protect. Prosper. Peace of mind.

Brumer Seidman Wealth Management offers a holistic approach to wealth management. We consider six key areas of wealth wellness to ensure you are on track to meet your goals now and in the future, leaving no stone left unturned. 

Holistic wealth wellnessHealth and wellbeing 

Comprehensive wealth planning creates peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Financial security is key to overall wellbeing, whether you are looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle or planning for long term care and incapacity.

Career and business

At The Seidman Group, we have services tailored specifically to business owners and their unique circumstances. Our comprehensive insurance and planning solutions ensure that protecting your business is top of mind.

Life and leisure

We work in partnership with our Tax & Estate Planning team to provide individualized wealth plans and cash flow projections. A wealth plan allows you to set realistic goals with a comprehensive view of your entire financial situation. Wealth planning is a key component in any major lifestyle change, for example: 

  • Moving, relocating, downsize or upgrading your home

  • Planning vacations and travel

  • Planning for your retirement lifestyle

Charitable giving

Many of our clients wish to support worthy causes and charities. Our full suite of wealth management services empowers our clients to make a difference in their communities, whether through a one-time donation or as part of a lifelong commitment.  


Creating a legacy for their family is often our client’s top priority, and this is our area of expertise. We look beyond your portfolio and to the next generation to ensure you have a solid plan in place to protect and enhance your family’s wellbeing. As your life and family circumstances grow and change, we assist with: 

  • Creating or updating power of attorneys

  • Creating or updating wills

  • Educating your children on wealth matters

  • Organizing family meetings to discuss your wealth plan

  • Planning for unexpected events


Whether you’re pursuing your next life passion, or your goals and circumstances are changing, we have the tools to help.