At Conacher Private Wealth, we recommend the solutions we believe in, solutions that we believe will benefit you – not just us. After all, we're invested alongside you. And you can always trust we’re solely focused on protecting and enhancing your wealth so you can live more on your terms.

1. Discretionary Investment Management

Clients may choose to delegate day-to-day responsibility for investment management to our Portfolio Manager. The client completes an Investment Policy Statement (IPS), which governs the investment objectives, risk profile, and timeframe for the managed portfolio. The Portfolio Manager makes all investment decisions, but maintains regular contact with the client, to ensure that they are aware of recent developments and to explain the current investment strategy. This structure is best suited for disciplined medium to longer-term investors with assets of $200,000 or more.

2. Growth Opportunities

We believe investing in small and medium-sized companies is the best strategy in helping you grow the value of your assets over the longer term. This type of investment management requires fundamental analysis and years of experience. We've built strong relationships with many industry professionals and leaders that has helped us stay informed and current.

3. Tax Minimization

We strive to ensure that client portfolios are tax-efficient. We employ a variety of approaches involving asset and account allocation, flow-though shares and Limited Partnerships, insurance options or annuities*. Clients in fee-based arrangements also have the benefit of receiving tax credits for a portion or all of their management fees**. Further, our long-term investment strategy ensures that our portfolios typically have a low turnover rate, keeping taxable gains due to trading at a minimum.

4. Disciplined, Flexible Process

We utilize several strategies to determine which securities to purchase. For stocks, we harness proprietary, investment screening software together with our own analysis of company balance sheets and income statements. For bonds, we carefully monitor interest rates, credit-quality, and the convexity of the yield curve. Our methodology is flexible enough to accommodate investors who are "in for the long haul” or investors who want to pursue a more aggressive, shorter-term trading strategy.

5. Retirement and Financial Planning

As Investment Advisors at Richardson Wealth, we have access to a team of experienced Tax & Estate Planning professionals who are dedicated to all aspects of financial planning. Whether you are looking for a complete wealth and estate plan or a basic retirement analysis, we have the tools at our disposal to prepare for you a comprehensive report. Click here to read more about our Tax & Estate Planning services.

6. Insurance and Annuities*

We have the option to recommend a complete suite of insurance products, including life, accident, sickness (such as critical illness) and long-term disability. We do not engage in any tied-selling or cross-selling. We are completely independent of any specific insurance company and will offer you guidance that can compare the benefits to your individual circumstances.

* Insurance services are offered through Richardson Wealth Insurance Services Limited in BC, AB, SK, MB, NWT, ON, QC and PEI. Additional administrative support and policy management are provided by PPI Partners.


** Tax Advice - The information provided in this publication is intended for informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute investment, financial, legal or tax advice. This material does not take into account your particular situation and is not intended as a recommendation. It is for general purposes only and you should seek advice regarding your particular circumstance from your personal tax and/or legal advisors. This material is based upon information considered to be reliable, but neither Richardson Wealth nor its affiliates warrants its completeness or accuracy, and it should not be relied upon as such.