Experienced Wealth Management:
 Brad Conacher - since 1977

We have provided investment advice for
generations of investors over many market
The common goals that we see are:

1. Peace of Mind
2. Financial Independence
3. Legacy
4. Increase in Net Worth
5. Retirement Security




Higher opportunities

We believe that, over complete market cycles, investment returns are maximized by taking what is called "good risk” selections that are underappreciated and/or less well-known, but have strong potential and solid management. The advantage of an independent firm allows for flexibility and better access to unique situations in the early stages.

Lower fees

We provide consistent, responsive, efficient service with significantly lower fees than mutual funds and other third-party asset managers. Our clients have direct access to their Investment Advisor or Portfolio Manager. There are no additional unnecessary levels of management between our clients and ourselves. 

Simpler methods

We have a straightforward approach to investing. Our experience has taught us that complexity can lead to excessive trading and constant uncertainty over the direction of the market. Smart investing usually requires two decisions - a smart buy and a smart sell.
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