Video — Helping you cope

Segment One: Understanding and Managing Stress


Created in the heart of the COVID-19 crisis, this short 16 minute video is the first segment of a three part Series called Coping Through COVID-19. The series is based on a live Virtual Town Hall we held for clients in April 2020. Here in segment one, we help you understand and manage stress. We also look at practical suggestions for how to cope through periods of uncertainty and disruption. Please watch the entire series for additional insight into making the most of your time at home, including guidance on working from home and videoconferencing etiquette. Keeping you informed and providing you and your family with guidance and resources is the foundation of our LifeWealth™ Approach.

Recorded May 2020.


Segment Two: Finding the Silver Lining


In this second segment of the Series, we focus on 'finding the silver lining' of the time spent at home during the COVID crisis. Following a recap of segment one, we explore some of the many creative ways you can leverage the virtual world to stay active and engaged. We also learn the importance of humour in these challenging times, and highlight some tools that harness the power of positive psychology. In essence, we recognize we have a choice of who we want to be during the COVID19 crisis.

Recorded June 2020.


Segment Three: Working From Home


In this third and final segment of the Series, we provide insight into the world of working from home. Wondering why you may be finding it so exhausting to "WFH?" We examine eight factors that help account for this, along with suggested fixes. We also summarize four key tips that help you and your family make a smoother adjustment to this new environment. Lastly, we look at video conferencing etiquette and why you don't want to miss using this versatile new communication method. This series wraps up by acknowledging the importance of hope as our guide and recognizing all that we can learn to appreciate through this very challenging time — by getting through it together, apart.

Recorded June 2020.