Business Wealth  

Are you maximizing the value of your business? 

Owning a business requires commitment, strategic thinking and good planning. A successful business can not only provide for you and your family, but also potentially leave a lasting legacy, or fund your retirement. There are many complexities to ensuring you optimize your opportunities as a business owner. These are areas where we help ensure our business owner clients have good planning in place: 

  • Protect against sickness and disability

  • Diversify your net worth beyond your business 

  • Minimize tax on coordinating personal and corporate income sources

  • Create liquidity to fund lifestyle and retirement 

  • Transition your business efficiently to your successor

Planning ahead to maximize proceeds and minimize tax

Whether you plan to sell your business or transition it to the next generation there will be decisions to make and planning to be completed. 

To maximize proceeds and/or minimize tax, planning must begin well in advance of the anticipated transition date. Putting in place a formal succession plan will ensure stability for employees and customers through the transition period as well as ensure a stable and predictable retirement income stream for the owner.

Benefits of planning for business succession:

  • Ensure a smooth transition for family and stakeholders 
  • Fortify the value of your business
  • Prepare for unexpected events like an illness or accident
  • Protect the legacy of your business


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