Evans Wealth Management

Long-term planning that makes sense. Retirement, your way. 

We recognize that each and every client thinks about wealth differently. Everyone has different goals and ideas about how retirement should look. We work with you to figure out what that is and how to get there. 

For over 40 years, we’ve been sitting down one-to-one with clients to understand what makes them unique. We don’t use models. We don’t chase returns. We design long-term plans that fit your lifestyle, your plans for retirement, your tolerance for risk, your gifting goals. 

We advise a select group of clients and that affords us the ability to focus and be there when you need us. We pride ourselves on going beyond just managing your money, we manage the connection between your wealth and your day-to-day so you can focus on what makes you happy. 

We believe in a long-term approach – that’s our mandate. It helps reduce exposure to volatility in today's markets where everything is correlated. It protects the legacy you’ve built. 

We pride ourselves on excellent service – we’re the touchpoint for any advice you need. We work with your outside professionals and leverage Richardson Wealth's expert team of tax and estate planning professionals to make sure your plan looks at every angle. 

We commit to creating long-term planning that makes sense. Retirement, your way.

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Tax & Estate Planning


Learn about strategies to help protect and enhance your wealth from our Tax & Estate Planning professionals.

Intergenerational business transfers - Bill C-208

If you are a small business owner planning to sell your business to a family member, Bill C-208, approved by the Senate on June 29, 2021, will make this process easier.

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Market research


Get the latest market insights and trends from our internal research experts.

29 November 2021
Capitalizing on tax-loss selling
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22 November 2021
Active vs passive – so, you’re telling me there’s a chance
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December 2021
Preparing for a rate tightening cycle
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