Our approach

We focus on what we and our clients can control. We can’t control or influence market volatility, but we can manage the risks associated with it. We can’t control whether a client gets divorced or faces a life-altering illness, but we can put in place a plan that is resilient to those life changes.

We take a goals-focused approach to portfolio-building, starting with what you want to specifically achieve in your life and retirement, then working back from there. We invest in the broad market through low-cost, diversified securities like ETFs and broad-based mutual funds. We’re not actively trying to pick individual funds or trying to time the market; we’re putting in place the building blocks of a robust portfolio.

We work with professionals, entrepreneurs, retirees and their families across the Waterloo region. We’ve helped clients deal with employee shares, share options and retirement plans, invest within professional and private businesses, understand the risk/return trade-offs using debt and insurance and optimize tax planning alongside our client’s tax professionals.