From the desk of the CEO: with every step, inspiring confidence


We are thrilled to have Caroline Ste-Marie and Michel St-Laurent and their Associate, Line Lahaye on our wealth management team – and equally delighted to have the opportunity to introduce their clients to our firm.

Richardson Wealth has been serving successful Canadian families for more than 90 years. In a vast wealth management landscape, it’s the enduring connection to our founders, the Richardson family, and their fundamental family values and business beliefs that makes us unique. Together with our forward-thinking and innovative perspective, this is why we are Canada’s leading independent wealth management firm.

With 19 offices across Canada, our advisors oversee close to $36 billion of assets under management entrusted to them by successful Canadian families. Our scale enables us to provide advisors like Caroline and Michel access to a wide array of innovative, best-in-class products and services, while our independence means we can focus solely on providing objective advice and solutions to help Canadian investors and entrepreneurs create, protect and transfer their wealth.

In an increasingly impersonal world, we believe having a real connection to the name on our door matters. The Richardson name epitomizes a deeply rooted Canadian success story of national pride established by progressive entrepreneurs who, over decades, created a multi-business empire. The Richardson family and their businesses have prevailed for 160 years because of one simple impermeable value – they have always been, and always will be, an organization where people can place their trust. That is exactly what we stand by at Richardson Wealth.

Kish Kapoor, Chairman, Richardson Wealth
President & CEO, RF Capital Group Inc.