Your Vision


We illustrate your life goals so that you can achieve them

After gathering all your personal information and learning what you want your wealth to accomplish, we create your vision document, illustrated with photos of what your life will look like. We then use this document to guide all our actions.

  • Your two-year roadmap of the steps we will take to accomplish your vision simplifies the process.
  • Your tailored portfolio will be built from the ground up according to your goals. At Richardson Wealth, we’re free to choose from a wide universe of investments without bias to any product or platform.
  • Your financial goals are reported on each quarter, along with a wealth management topic that relates to your goals. Quarterly discussions ensure that changes to your personal and family life are quickly integrated into your plan and vision.
  • Working closely with the accountants, lawyers and tax specialists on Richardson Wealth’s Tax & Estate Planning team gives you the benefit of specialist support.
  • Your costs to invest are transparent, competitive and calculated as a percentage of your assets under management. Costs to invest in your non-registered accounts are tax deductible

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"What I admire about Rosemary is her enthusiasm, her work ethic, her integrity, her innovation, her dedication, and her willingness to research unique approaches for, and her commitment to, her clients. Having been clients of the John and Rebecca Horwood wealth management team for over 35 years, my husband and I welcomed Rosemary to our team and she has become our principal advisor. 

Rosemary, and the professional team that she has assembled, specifically Andrea Ivasecko, have been invaluable to me, not only in the more traditional areas of investing, tax planning, and wealth management, but also in recommending alternative investments, in planning the transfer of funds to the next generation, and in working with the rest of my legal and tax team. Rosemary is keenly attuned to our particular needs, and was extremely helpful throughout some difficult family adjustments. 

In my opinion, Rosemary represents what is the best of the new generation of wealth management professionals." - M.M.


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