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"Thanks to you and the team for your amazing support in facilitating the meeting and for the valuable plan you provided. We are so comfortable with your suggestions and road map. What a pleasure working with such remarkable professionals."
— Dr. Patrick Gullane & Barbara Cruickshank


"I have been with Rob Panes and his team since 1993 and have had stellar results. We have been through many market corrections and they have been able to navigate through outperforming the markets every year. His consistent approach to disregard market noise and focus on company and economic fundamentals separates him from the others. His timely market conditions letter serves as a calming voice to stay the course during market turbulence."
— N.M.


"Rob Panes has been my investment advisor for over 20 years. During that time he has provided personalized investment advice and encouraged me to take a holistic approach to wealth management by providing access to tax and estate planning professionals within Richardson Wealth. His calm and thoughtful approach to recommending investments, even during times when the market behaves erratically, instills confidence as he and his team continue to generate excellent returns for my husband and I."
— M.K.


“My wife and I have entrusted our retirement funds to Mark for over 20 years. Mark and his team have been exceptional in designing a comprehensive strategy plan, in order for us to achieve our goals consistently over time.
We are in good hands.”
— John and Deborah Menary


High service levels

“Our family has had the opportunity to work with Mark Begg and the team for well over 20 years. The relationship has been an excellent one for us. As a lawyer specializing in securities law, working with a portfolio manager who holds himself to the highest standard of fiduciary duty is extremely important to me. We have benefited from expert investment and sophisticated planning advice throughout from a team that has been friendly, available, and fun to work with every step of the way.”
— B.CS.


“You go the extra mile with a calm competence that makes me feel taken care of…”
— C. Nicholls


“We want to express our sincere gratitude to your team for helping us close our new home in Florida. You went the ultimate “extra yard” to make sure the money transfers went through smoothly. We often forget that choosing financial advisors is not just about ROI, when, in fact, it is ultimately about client service. In this case, it was about exceptional customer service that frankly exceeded our expectations.”
— Bryan and Jane Gregg


“We’d like to express again how grateful we are to have you and your team working on our behalf. The past year was exceptional and gives us a lot of reassurance that our retirement is and will be graced with peace of mind that our financial needs are secure in your hands. Thank you.”
— M.N. & S.N.


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