"I became a client of Rosemary’s at a very dark time in my life. I was overwhelmed with many complex business decisions as well as managing our rather “shot gun” approach to investments. Throughout the journey Rosemary has been a central part of my “team” of experts. Her calm demeanour belies a strong, savvy, well informed and intelligent professional. Rosemary is always ready to help solve an issue, answers questions, explain complex concepts without the jargon. This gives me the confidence I need to make informative decisions.

Part of Rosemary’s service is to bring all the areas of wealth management together - insurance advisors, health care spending advisers, and to coordinate with my law and accounting firms to frame for me a complete picture of my wealth health. 

I appreciate the education component of the service, receiving numerous invitations to explore investment opportunities and to keep me on top of the latest industry research. Through Rosemary’s help I am learning how to become a better steward of my money, looking at not just how much I am making but what the investment can help achieve. As an example, I am proud of the ‘change the world” investments Rosemary has steered me towards which are making a significant impact in the world. Flowing from this is a determination, on my part and Rosemary’s, to think clearly and intentionally about how to pass on the wealth to next generation. 

She has abundant skills, a genuine interest in her clients and how she can help them achieve their goals, and the drive and energy to succeed." - D.M. 


"What I admire about Rosemary is her enthusiasm, her work ethic, her integrity, her innovation, her dedication, and her willingness to research unique approaches for, and her commitment to, her clients. Having been clients of the John and Rebecca Horwood wealth management team for over 35 years, my husband and I welcomed Rosemary to our team and she has become our principal advisor. 

Rosemary, and the professional team that she has assembled, specifically Andrea Ivasecko, have been invaluable to me, not only in the more traditional areas of investing, tax planning, and wealth management, but also in recommending alternative investments, in planning the transfer of funds to the next generation, and in working with the rest of my legal and tax team. Rosemary is keenly attuned to our particular needs, and was extremely helpful throughout some difficult family adjustments. 

In my opinion, Rosemary represents what is the best of the new generation of wealth management professionals." - M.M.


"The Horwood family have been my financial advisor since 2006. Rosemary Horwood has been my financial advisor for the past 7 years and has consistently provided me with solid investment advice. 

Rosemary takes good care of me because she cares about me.  She looks at the lifestyle and retirement future I will need and I trust her recommendations and judgement.

She has put together my investment strategy with a tax efficient focus.  I have been extremely pleased with the proven results in my taxes and savings.

She is well respected within the financial community and won many awards which attest to her knowledge of the industry and performance for her clients.

I have been very impressed with her handling of my portfolio which has steadily increased and her conservative approach to my investments. I share my experience with Rosemary because I would not hesitate to recommend her to someone looking to work with a respected and leading financial advisor." - L. S.


"When my wife and I first approached Rosemary, we had a number of investment priorities that were important to us based on past experiences and changes in our life circumstances. We have been so impressed that she has met each one and done so in a very wise and skilled manner. 

Rosemary first took time to listen and to understand exactly what was critical for us.  She then helped us understand our options and developed a plan for us that we are very happy with.  With her team, Rosemary has provided consistent support through personal advice, educational opportunities, tax planning and reports.  She proactively reaches out to us and maintains a great professional relationship with us. 

Rosemary’s team came highly recommended to us by others in the industry and we are very privileged to be considered her clients." - P.F.


"I’m a 79-year-old retired corporate executive. Over the last 55 years, I have worked with several investment advisers, wealth management individuals, and their companies. Today, I’m delighted to be included among the clients of Rosemary Horwood’s team. I feel absolutely 100% secure in the capable arms of Rosemary. Rosemary earned my business 3 years ago with her professional and personal interest in me, my career, my life, my history and the financial future of my two sons. 

Rosie is a numbers pro and, sure, her investment recommendations are performing above par. But, for a guy like me, she has the magic that relates those baffling strings of numbers to my personal goals. Rosie tells me if there’s room in the numbers to plan a winter vacation, the real life stuff! 

Rosemary Horwood has my future in her head and in her heart and because of that, I can sleep at night." - G.G. 


"It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for Rosemary Horwood who is my investment advisor at Richardson Wealth.

Over the course of the past two years, I have had ample opportunity to interact with Rosemary on numerous investment opportunities, both, with new and mature opportunities in the industry. I have always been very impressed with her professional behavior and her high level of integrity in all her dealings.

In working with her clients or her internal team members, Rosemary displays a unique leadership skill which is rooted in a very welcoming & accommodating attitude, and backed with solid facts and analysis. She also displays an intuitive intellectual ability that is very comforting for all investors.

Rosemary displays a great commitment and passion for the business, and always has intelligent, thought-provoking comments that are presented in a clear and succinct manner. At all investor presentations, her comments are not only analytically sound, but also contribute greatly by provoking further reflection upon topics that needed to be emphasized.

She has an innate talent to think 'outside of the box' and provide creative investment solutions to all her clients.

Rosemary is a thorough professional and has the ability to think strategically and combine it with an alluring charm and wit, and back it up with sheer commitment and dedication to achieve optimum results for all her clients.

She is a great team player and is able to incite excitement and infuse enthusiasm among all team members. Also, Rosemary has an enviable ability to stay calm and maintain a dignified demeanor, even, when under tremendous work pressure.

It has always been a pleasure to work with Rosemary." - I.B.



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