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Supporting successful families by developing wealth management strategies

Supporting busy families to manage their complicated financial assets, overcome their challenges and reach their goals is a rewarding privilege. Above and beyond investment advice, structuring and integrating all aspects of your financial planning and capital management, in liaison with your family’s team of trusted advisors, is our specialty. Your sophisticated financial needs are addressed and simplified, which may involve multiple properties and businesses in various jurisdictions, providing you with a single point of contact plus the assurance that your legal, accounting, and wealth matters are being efficiently aligned.

Advising multiple generations of established families is the most effective wealth management process. Helping the older generations preserve wealth and transfer it to loved ones, while helping younger generations adopt the principles and responsibilities of family wealth and embrace financial discipline is increasingly important.

Advising a small, select number of wealthy families, we devote the time and attention to address all your needs.

Achieving your financial goals

Lower your tax bill

While all affluent families share a top priority – paying less tax – we assist each one with personally-tailored solutions. Taxation is the largest expense affluent investors will ever face, especially in our current low-interest economy.

We can advise you regarding the investments, philanthropic strategies and insurance solutions that will help you pay the taxman no more than is absolutely necessary.

Recommending appropriate strategies to lower your tax bill, from your annual tax filing to sophisticated tax planning all starts with our financial discovery meeting. We know the latest tax strategies, take advantage of effective income splitting among family members, and invest tax efficiently to improve your long-term financial success in the context of your goals.

Working directly with your other advisors including lawyers and accountants to deliver integrated strategies is our goal. In addition, our service costs on your non-registered and corporate investment accounts are tax deductible.

Protect your best asset: your earning years

As a licensed life insurance advisor, Rosemary is qualified to provide life, critical illness and disability insurance to protect your income, lifestyle and loved ones. While life insurance becomes important once you’re a parent and can be helpful in tax-effective estate planning, we can show you why it’s so essential to protect the income you would normally earn during your working years from interruptions due to a critical illness or disability.

Sickness and accidents happen a lot more often than sudden early death. Income protection is important because it keeps you from having to dip into savings or liquidate investments to pay the mortgage and bills for months on end.

Maximize your charitable support

Helping you give back to your community in a meaningful and sustainable way is a passion of Rosemary’s. We can help you support causes that matter to you in context of your comprehensive wealth management strategy.

Today, many families designate a portion of their wealth to charity while they are still living to witness the impact of their generosity and reap considerable tax benefits.

The act of giving enriches us. Whether you are just starting to identify your charitable vision or seeking to give more strategically, we look forward to helping you and your money to achieve something significant.

Leave a legacy

Your family is important to you and their financial security if you were to pass away is a noble consideration. Leaving a legacy in the form of a gift or inheritance to your family is a rewarding experience, paying tribute to the people and values that shaped your life. This goal can be easily accomplished by including a gift in your will, purchasing a segregated fund or by means of an insurance policy. Your bequest will play a crucial role in the future of the next generation.

Travel and other joys

You’ve worked hard and taken risks – you deserve a lifestyle that involves plenty of travel and the major purchases that make life amazing. We can help you plan to make sure that joy is always within your budget.

Fund your kids’ and grandkids’ education

Contributing early to an RESP can help make post-secondary education more affordable as tuition rates skyrocket and education becomes increasingly important for career development.

With more time for your money to grow, your contributions can be smaller and will maximize your children’s or grandchildren’s Canada Education Savings Grants (CESGs). Contributions are eligible to receive a CESG up to $500 of the first $2,500 contributed to the plan every year for each beneficiary under the age of 18.

Educational seminars on managing sudden wealth

The time is now to start preparing to be a smart custodian of the wealth your family has worked hard to build. As stewards of your family’s financial affairs, we hope to coach you as you assume your new role as an affluent investor. Rosemary has hosted many workshops for new investors for over a hundred professionals and inheritors. The goal is to equip and inform you with the basic knowledge to make investment decisions and the responsibility of affluence.




International money transfers made easy

We have linked with one of the world's largest online foreign exchange companies to help you save money with more competitive exchange rates.

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"When my wife and I first approached Rosemary, we had a number of investment priorities that were important to us based on past experiences and changes in our life circumstances. We have been so impressed that she has met each one and done so in a very wise and skilled manner. 

Rosemary first took time to listen and to understand exactly what was critical for us.  She then helped us understand our options and developed a plan for us that we are very happy with.  With her team, Rosemary has provided consistent support through personal advice, educational opportunities, tax planning and reports.  She proactively reaches out to us and maintains a great professional relationship with us. 

Rosemary’s team came highly recommended to us by others in the industry and we are very privileged to be considered her clients." - P.F.


Client service

Families with $5 million or more in assets under management receive:
  • Service cost of 1% per year of assets under management
  • Discretionary portfolio management
  • Determine and articulate your goals and vision
  • Lowering your tax bill
  • Personal risk analysis
  • Quarterly updates (by phone with email of your vision document, roadmap and discussion of a new wealth management topic applicable to your unique financial goals)
  • Annual intensive updates in person
  • Integrated investment management in line with our Wealth Investment Philosophy
  • Donation of in-kind services at reduced rates
  • Currency exchange at discounted rates
  • Industry-leading investment choices, including new issues, private placements, accredited investor funds, and full discretion from our firm to invest your finances in the best way possible while limiting conflicts of interest
  • Tax slip organization systems and an exhaustive list of tax slips documenting your assets at Richardson Wealth
  • Executor education and checklist
  • Estate management and disbursements
  • Preparing the next generation to assume responsibility for the family wealth and manage it wisely.
Families with $25 million or more in assets under management additionally receive:
  • Service cost of 1% per year of assets under management
  • Quarterly updates in person with reporting and management of your goals, vision document and roadmap
  • Monthly reporting on transactions and realized gain/loss reports to your tax advisor
  • Income coordination for family members
  • Coordination of your tax installments and registered plan contributions
  • Insurance renewals annually
  • Coordination of annual minimum distribution for family foundations
  • Healthcare spending accounts (personal healthcare benefits plans whereby you pay for healthcare expenses using pre-tax dollars in your corporation)
  • Referral services to respected advisors such as tax accountant, legal advisor, real estate professional, private equity specialist, investment banker, mortgage broker, insurance and group benefits specialists.

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