Rosemary Horwood's community connections

C3 Church: Project Love Toronto: Since 2020, Rosemary has lead a team to prepare 250 sandwiches for The Scott Mission biweekly to serve the city from home during the pandemic.


Mensa Canada: Rosemary held the position of the Ontario Regional Representative on the board for Mensa Canada and their YAM (Young Adult Mensan) National Coordinator. Rosemary was an ambassador for the LEAP speaker panel, traveling around the world to gather leadership insights and bring them back home in Canada. As one of seven people chosen internationally to speak at two conferences, Rosemary was tasked with bringing leadership lessons back to her home country. In 2016 her travels took her to San Diego, California and Krakow, Poland.


Covenant House: Rosemary has always had a heart for the homeless. In April 2015, she took to the streets to raise $10K for homeless youth. She literally spent the night on the street in a thunderstorm and got a wretched sleep, stiff muscles and a vivid sense of the hardships some Toronto youth face. Many thanks to everyone who supported Rosemary’s sleep-out. She is also involved with supporting Covenant House’s newly-created respite home for young victims of human trafficking.



Rosemary Horwood in the Media


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