We advise successful clients and healthcare business owners to meet their financial goals. Clients value our personalized service and strategic approach to wealth management. We offer goals based reporting to visually represent a financial plan to our clients. Our team is working with the utmost integrity, striving to be efficient and driven by results. We are committed to making win, win, win decisions for our clients, ourselves and our firm. Each member of our team experiences the rewards created by delivering superior team results.



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Advising healthcare business owners and successful families to achieve their financial goals is our focus.



"I became a client of Rosemary’s at a very dark time in my life. I was overwhelmed with many complex business decisions as well as managing our rather “shot gun” approach to investments. Throughout the journey Rosemary has been a central part of my “team” of experts. Her calm demeanour belies a strong, savvy, well informed and intelligent professional. Rosemary is always ready to help solve an issue, answers questions, explain complex concepts without the jargon. This gives me the confidence I need to make informative decisions.

Part of Rosemary’s service is to bring all the areas of wealth management together - insurance advisors, health care spending advisers, and to coordinate with my law and accounting firms to frame for me a complete picture of my wealth health. 

I appreciate the education component of the service, receiving numerous invitations to explore investment opportunities and to keep me on top of the latest industry research. Through Rosemary’s help I am learning how to become a better steward of my money, looking at not just how much I am making but what the investment can help achieve. As an example, I am proud of the ‘change the world” investments Rosemary has steered me towards which are making a significant impact in the world. Flowing from this is a determination, on my part and Rosemary’s, to think clearly and intentionally about how to pass on the wealth to next generation. 

She has abundant skills, a genuine interest in her clients and how she can help them achieve their goals, and the drive and energy to succeed." - D.M.