Divorce Consultancy

At Phillips & Associates Wealth Management we are uniquely qualified to assist divorcing individuals and their families navigate marital transition. No matter what stage clients are at in the dissolution of marriage process, our team is able to provide assistance, direction and support.

We understand that this is a period of great emotional stress and financial uncertainty. Our process is structured to minimize the turmoil and enable clients to move forward in an environment of certainty and clarity. We have been educated and certified by the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts (IDFA) to be able to provide divorce-specific financial analysis and support, and we have built relationships with a comprehensive range of well-respected divorce-related professionals in our community. This experience and expertise serve as the foundation for Phillips & Associates Wealth Management and our team of specialists to provide an unparalleled, comprehensive divorce solution. 

We will work with you — becoming part of your “divorce team” — to help you to understand the financial implications of your individual divorce situation, offering comprehensive insight into the short and long-term effects of divorce. This includes working with your team of legal and other experts, or connecting you with our own network of family and estate lawyers, insurance professionals and financial experts, to name a few. Together, we will develop a personalized strategy to help you take the extremely important steps toward securing your financial future and all that is important to you.


To book an initial, confidential telephone conversation to learn more please contact Lori Wright by email Here.


Divorce Alliance

Phillips & Associates Wealth Management is the founding Chair of the Vancouver chapter of Divorce Alliance, a membership program created by the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts (IDFA).  Divorce Alliance unites professionals from all aspects of the divorce community, including family lawyers, financial professionals, mental health advocates, alternative dispute resolution specialists, and more.  The Chapter is a hub for local professionals to associate, share knowledge, and strengthen the divorce community.


The Canadian Divorce Digest is a Canadian-specific divorce journal published for holders of the CDFA accreditation (the most recognized and respected designation for divorce financial analysts). 

  • In its inaugural Canadian edition we speak to our dedication to divorcing clients' long term best interests and how clients' other professional advisors can focus on guiding them through the short-term noise of the markets to long term financial stability.  Read the article Here.
  • In the Summer 2017 issue we review the challenge that many recent divorcees face when seeking the right investment advisor, and some steps to increase the likelihood of finding the best match.  Read the article Here.
  • In the Winter 2017 issue we review how divorce professionals can help their clients navigate through the challenges and fear of divorce.  Read the article Here.
  • In the Winter 2018/Spring 2019 issue we review 5 steps that divorce professionals should considered prior to their clients negotiating a divorce settlement.  Read the article Here.