Alternative Strategy

Effective risk management is an essential component of successful long-term investing.

We build custom-tailored portfolios to deliver returns with reduced volatility.

Like some of the most prestigious pension funds in the world, we believe that a successful investment strategy is the result of appropriate asset allocation. This is where we go beyond the "traditional” investment approach of simply owning Equities and Fixed Income. Markets can be volatile, and experience has taught us that concentrating one's portfolio in just these investment classes increases risk and potentially reduces investment returns. As a result, while we do utilize traditional asset classes, we also focus on alternative asset classes, such as Private Equity and Alternative Strategies (or Hedge Funds).

Primarily, the Alternative Strategies that we utilize have capital preservation as their objective, with secondary objectives of low volatility and either absolute returns or significant participation in rising markets. Simply put, the objective is to deliver positive returns in varying market conditions, all the while with reduced risk and volatility, and low correlation to primary market indexes. Some strategies may be relatively conservative, but we also employ strategies where the principal objective is consistent, opportunistic growth of capital in excess of benchmarks.

Our team has the skill and expertise to analyze, choose, and monitor these types of strategies, narrowing what is a significantly large universe of choices down to our own proprietary focus list. In building a customized portfolio, we then take into consideration a client's goals, objectives, and appetite for risk. We then suggest a specific allocation between Equities, Fixed Income & Equivalents, Private Equity, and Alternative Strategies.

Private equity products are only available to Accredited Investors. Some Alternative Strategies are only available to Accredited Investors.