Our services

We work with a select group of business-owning families and high net worth professionals with over $1 million in investable assets.

Planning with purpose

What defines you? Is it your business? Is it the time you spend with your family? Is it the way your legacy shapes your community? Our relationship is built around defining your purpose and creating a financial roadmap that helps you live your ideal life. That roadmap guides that day-to-day decisions we make surrounding your wealth.

Diversified Investing

You’ve entrusted us with your unique view of where you want your wealth to get you which is why we see it as our responsibility to design a portfolio that helps execute that unique view. Our long-term, diversified approach is guided by your Investment Policy Statement and driven by your goals. At Richardson Wealth, we are not pressured to recommend or hold any particular product or platform, we make decisions independently and in the best interest of our clients.

Intergenerational Wealth

As families grow, so do the complexities of wealth management. We work with high net worth, business-owning families to help preserve and manage your legacy as it transfers between generations. No two families are alike, but through a combination of succession and estate planning alongside tax and insurance strategies we create a strategy that helps keep your legacy intact through the generations. And we do all this with support from Richardson Wealth’s team of in-house experts.