Individuals and their families

Family Wealth Planning – Tax Planning – Wealth Maximization – Philanthropy

There are lots of details to consider to ensure a family’s legacy passes from generation to generation. Working with a select group of high-net-worth clients has taught us every family is unique, that’s why we invest our time in understanding our clients’ needs. We work to establish goals based on client values, create the impact clients want their legacy to have and then we design a comprehensive wealth and investment plan. 

When new clients come in the door, we often discover that essential aspects of life have never been addressed with proper guidance. Here, we can add significant value.


“When people ask me what we do, I tell them that we set up families’ lives.”





Incorporation – Succession Planning – Wealth Maximization

We recognize your business needs to be structured to fit your professional and family needs. With our legal experts, we ensure the structure of your corporation(s) are set up for your long-term needs. We help you navigate the complexities of succession planning and ensure whatever structure we put in place helps support you long after you’ve exited your business. 


Establishing Trusts – Wealth Maximization – Wealth Transfer

We’ve developed expertise around using trusts as a sophisticated and strategic tool to ensure your income and assets are distributed most beneficially. We can strategically leverage trusts to optimize your tax situation, reducing the burden and preserving more of your hard-earned assets. Trusts offer a means of wealth preservation, allowing you to pass down your legacy to future generations while maintaining control over how it is managed. 


Tax Planning – Legacy Planning  – Philanthropy

We specialize in navigating the complexities of estate planning. That isn’t just limited to the financial logistics, we recognize estate planning can be a challenging subject for some. By working closely with you and your family to understand your goals, we can craft a comprehensive estate plan that protects your wealth through tax efficiency and helps you grow your legacy to pass to your family or gift through philanthropy. Our team of tax and estate planning professionals allows us to navigate the legal and financial intricacies, helping you leave a lasting legacy. 


Securing Wealth

We have experience working with institutional clients, giving access to secure investing and high-quality holdings. We develop a solid understanding of your institution’s financial aspirations, risk tolerance, and time horizon, translating that into a strategy that meets any liquidity requirements and regulatory considerations. Our aim is to safeguard your assets, minimize risks, and navigate market volatility, ensuring your institution’s financial well-being.


with integrity, authenticity and delivering value.