McMillan Wealth Solutions

Nurturing your wealth. Growing your legacy.

It takes time for wealth to grow into a legacy. It also takes nurturing. At McMillan Wealth Solutions, that’s our role — nurturing your wealth, so together we can grow your legacy. We’re here to guide you through all of life’s milestones — as each new branch of your family tree forms. You change and evolve through the years while accumulating wealth, experiencing life, then into retirement; through the passing on of wealth and the values and beliefs to the next generation or perhaps the succession of the business you’ve worked so hard to build. We are experts in transition providing the professional guidance to navigate these changes.

For nearly three decades, Kathy McMillan and the McMillan Wealth Solutions team has taken an intergenerational approach to wealth management. Our clients are affluent and established, entrepreneurial-minded, and driven. They are business owners, professionals and successful families. They are the children of our clients and the grandchildren, whom we nurture through life’s transitions and the maturation of their wealth. Our clients have strong values.

We take the time to understand and prioritize these values.

Foundational to our wealth planning practice is our aim to empower and educate our clients with every interaction. We help you think long-term as we work through the complexities of all of life’s transitions. We don’t shy away from honest, in-depth conversations about your life situations, which in turn affect your wealth. We advocate for your future. And we do so with a combination of investments, insurance, estate planning, tax planning, philanthropy, retirement and cash management strategies unique to you and your family’s needs.

You’ve planted the seeds of your legacy. We’re here to help it grow.



Beyond the management of money, there is a real interest and focus on the life situation of me as the client. This ranges from making sure there are funds effectively set aside for future needs, from US dollars for trips, supporting effective contributions to charities and philanthropic giving, to asking about life events (e.g. university, weddings, etc.), to insurance needs and long-term planning for parents, kids, and self. I’ve started to introduce my kids to Kathy’s team to help them get their financial future started.

— Shawn C.