"What have we done to make our clients lives better today?"

Disciplined, Conservative Solutions

Our Focus. Capital preservation through high-quality, conservative investments is our top priority. When the stock market falls, our clients appreciate the low volatility within their portfolios.

Our Specialty is the equity side of the market—generating income from dividend-bearing stocks and achieving growth through capital appreciation. Our portfolios are built upon regulated industries; for example, banks, telephone, power, and pipeline companies, which tend to provide the most security. We also seek stocks that have long-term track records of rising dividends.

Our Due Diligence. Having worked in the mining industry, Lloyd Leonard has witnessed first-hand the risk and rewards of investing. This has taught us how to assess not only resource companies but companies in all sectors. It is essential to be acquainted with top management and executive teams and watch the evolution of the companies from small to mid-cap operations. We never invest in a company without knowing who’s in charge and how they are managing the company.

Our Clientele. We generally advise investors who are knowledgeable but who still appreciate our investment selection expertise. Most range in age from their forties to early seventies—some are in their nineties. Specializing in retirement solutions, Joel Kruzich assists people to invest wisely and build sound Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs); when the time comes, we then assist them with the conversion to Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIFs).

Our Values. Trustworthy and ethical, we earn our clients’ loyalty by putting their interests first. Conservative by nature, we keep portfolios simple and ensure that investors know what they own. In an industry that changes constantly, the best investment solutions are those that don’t change too often. We are avid listeners who put people at ease with our caring and considerate desire to offer solutions that truly suit the unique details of their lives.

Our Firm. Richardson Wealth’s non-prescriptive platform enables us to advise clients objectively, free of bias to any product or program. Here, our clients also receive the advantage of award-winning research that help us make informed decisions: macroeconomic, fixed income, equities and regular coverage on each of the sectors.