Our Services

All our wealth management solutions are highly personalized and very specific to the needs of each individual or organization, down to the most minute detail.


Managing Risk

To mitigate investment risk, we:

  1. Assess a Business’s Fundamentals — We analyze its financial statements and health, management, competitive advantages, and markets.
  2. Allocate Assets to sectors that involve the least risk.
  3. Perform Due Diligence — We read everything and attend annual meetings to meet CFOs and other top management.  
  4. Stay Informed through research reports from our research analysts.
  5. Avoid Venture Finance Deals. These can be overly-hyped, may generate spotty returns, and often involve a high degree of risk.

Multigenerational Services. We assist our long-term clients to plan their estates with the help of the Tax & Estate Planning team at Richardson Wealth. This team includes qualified tax accountants, estate planners and lawyers to help us conduct common-sense, open discussions. We assist people to transfer wealth to the next generation tax-effectively and then work with the heirs to help them learn the wealth stewardship principles their parents followed.


Planning for Retirement

The Challenge. After diligently working hard to reduce their debt, many Canadians are realizing that they don't have enough saved for retirement despite the fact that they have contributed to their RRSPs every year and have paid off their mortgages. Relying on small company and government pensions will not give you the lifestyle and freedom that you have worked so hard for.

The Solution. We can help you plan for retirement to greatly enhance your chance of maintaining your lifestyle. By building a retirement nest egg and supplemental income stream, you can enjoy freedom and flexibility in retirement, striking a strategic balance between living for today and providing for the future.

Focusing on tax-efficient dividend or interest-bearing securities and investments along with fixed income vehicles, we offset the effects of inflation and avoid alternative investments that may expose your portfolio to risk. To help you to navigate the rules on RRSPs, we will keep you informed on what’s new with the Canada Revenue Agency and tax regulations.

We will also review your estate plan with your executor and beneficiaries, refer you to professional estate planners and a lawyer to prepare the required documents, help you determine your qualifications for Old Age Security and Canada Pension Plan, and coordinate with your accountant to administrate these income sources.

Richardson Wealth’s Tax & Estate Planning Team is extremely important in our retirement planning process, because it helps us generate income in the most tax-efficient way possible and helps us pass your enhanced wealth on to your heirs tax-efficiently as well.


Our Process

  1. Profiling  — We profile your financial situation, time horizon, risk tolerance level, goals, and expectations.
  2. Proposal — We prepare a roadmap for your financial journey, incorporating our asset allocation strategy and service and communication commitments.
  3. Implementation — We select investments to implement the asset allocation, ensuring they are aligned with your risk and return objectives.
  4. Review — We monitor your portfolio and adjust and refine as necessary. Every quarter, we provide a statement summarizing individual securities held in your portfolio. Each month in which a transaction has been made, you receive a monthly statement. Online account access provides up-to-date account information and market data 24/7.