Conversations on Wealth podcast featuring Ida Khajadourian — Women Redefining Wealth Management

The conversation around wealth for women has prompted many Richardson Wealth Advisors to adapt to changing goals and expectations. Overall, more women are demanding a greater involvement in these conversations and can benefit from a partnership with an Advisor that can better support their needs.

In this episode, Sarah Widmeyer hosts a panel discussion about how women are redefining wealth with three incredible Richardson Wealth Investment Advisors including Ida Khajadourian.


Ida Khajadourian discusses short selling at 2021 CAASA Wealth Managers Forum

With over 20 years of expertise in alternative investments, Ida was recently invited to speak at the 2021 Canadian Association of Alternative Strategies and Assets Wealth Managers Forum. Featuring a moderated interview alongside Daniel Dorenbush and James Burron, they discuss what short-selling is, the mechanics behind the shorting process, how it affects portfolio returns and pertinent risks.

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