IC Blue Heron Wealth Advisory Group

A disciplined approach to managing your wealth

At IC Blue Heron Wealth Advisory Group, we believe in earning your trust through a long-term relationship built around what’s most important to you and your family. Financial planning and portfolio management are integral to our process and both functions are built into the team ensuring accountability. That means we are fully devoted to meeting your wealth needs and delivering on our promises.

We listen to you. We believe context is everything.   Our financial approach starts with listening to your goals and understanding what matters most to you and your family. Then we build a retirement income projection to help get you there, identifying income streams and determining how they’ll intersect with your investment accounts. We guide you through the process, helping you understand your options and feel confident about where you’re headed. 

We are a service team, not a sales team. We’re driven to provide advice only; we don’t sell products. We have complete autonomy to act in your best interest, and we’re never pressured to recommend a certain product or service.

We collaborate with you to create an approachable, informed wealth journey. As a full-service wealth team, we work closely with Richardson Wealth’s in-house tax and estate team and other industry professionals. We also collaborate with your existing financial professionals, like your accountant or lawyer, to predict tax implications of our decisions and address requirements around estate and incapacity planning. And we regularly review your overall wealth plan to ensure you’re on track to meet your goals – while accounting for life changes along the way.

Learn how our scale, discipline and independence can help give you financial peace of mind.

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Tax & Estate Planning


Learn about strategies to help protect and enhance your wealth from our Tax & Estate Planning professionals.


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