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You create your business vision and build it.
We help you drive it to completion with integrated wealth planning.

The adage about business owners often rings true: you spend most of your time working in the business and not enough time working on the business. 


Like all sayings, there’s an element of truth to it. 


You work exceptionally hard to realize your dream, becoming fully immersed in the day to day, working through every drudgery and every triumph. But business ownership, as we all know, is complex and requires multi-level strategic thinking that addresses a vast array of issues and challenges: 


  Growing profitably    Balancing different interests    Planning succession    Effective tax planning    Insurance    Navigating regulatory challenges    Planning future directions    Succession    Exiting by retirement    Selling the business    Managing family relationships


As an entrepreneur myself, my vision is to make a meaningful difference in the life of each of my client families, including yours. Our team is available to support your business vision and help you fully realize your long-term goals with an integrated approach to business and wealth planning. Fundamental issues involving tax, insurance and succession planning can’t be dealt with effectively as stand-alone topics. 


Here are some of the key issues we can help you with:

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Business owner solutions

Retain top talent with Retirement Compensation Arrangements

Incorporating your business

Holding companies and taxation

Individual pension plans

Shareholder loans

Shareholder agreements

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Business transition

Business succession

Sale of a business



Personal wealth strategies

Income splitting opportunities

Spousal loans

Tax on split income

Will planning

Estate Record Keeper



How affluent Canadians use life insurance

Estate bonds



Our team is here to help you work on your business as part of your overall wealth planning.

Your guide to intelligent investing.


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