Vision, Planning and Guidance


Our wealth management approach is based on three great pillars. Vision, Planning and Guidance.

This is what we refer to as the VPG approach that allows us to deepen and re-enforce our relationships as well as anticipate the needs of our clients in order to be able to respond with flexibility and creativity.


Wealth management begins with your vision for your future. What are your personal objectives? Your values? Your ambitions as well as those of your family?

Defining your personal and financial goals is the cornerstone of our approach and that of all wealth management strategies.


Once we have identified your needs and your objectives, we will establish your investment risk profile by examining a number of factors. Next, we will develop a long-term financial plan that will guide us in the comprehensive management of your wealth.

We focus on the preservation of your wealth and active risk management. To achieve your goals with complete confidence, our portfolios are designed to achieve optimal diversification of securities within varying sectors of activity.



The integrated approach to wealth management incorporates many elements to meet and anticipate the complex needs of our high net worth clients.

Continuous and disciplined management of your overall portfolio ensures that we adhere to your strategic vision of your family legacy and that our solutions are tailored to your specific situation, particularly during different stages of your life.



"Simplifying the lives of our clients" is at the core of our client-centric culture. The benefit of our experience and expertise allows them to take advantage of the most important moments of their lives.

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Francis Sabourin
"We simplify the lives of our clients"