Discretionary portfolio management 

On behalf of the entire team, I would like to thank you for 10 successful years of our discretionary portfolio management!

Five investment portfolios are available to meet your personal and financial objectives.

We provide a complete variety of diversified investment portfolios, encompassing all global financial markets. In addition to our discretionary portfolios described below, we are also able to offer traditional investment solutions.


Income portfolio

Income and growth portfolio

Long term growth portfolio

Dynamic growth portfolio

Global equity portfolio


The fundamental premise of our discretionary portfolio approach is to define and communicate an investment strategy for each portfolio, in order to diligently follow the progress of your investments.

To learn more on our approach, you can click on one of the following versions:




The preservation of capital is the most important factor when considering the returns of a portfolio. The efficiency of our risk management platform is at the heart of our portfolio management decisions in order to help you achieve your objectives in a tax efficient manner.

We constantly and rigorously monitor all investment portfolios.

Each investment portfolio is closely monitored for any changes to economic conditions, markets trends, as well as the client’s needs, and periodical rebalancing is done as required. All progress and decisions are meticulously documented and communicated to our clients.


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