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Why we believe investing in your values adds value.

The financial markets are a reflection of our constantly changing world and impactful wealth management is about understanding those changes and adapting. Impact and adaptability are core to Francis Sabourin Wealth Management’s investment philosophy. They’re a part of the lens all our investment decisions filter through.

That’s why we invest for impact. Our discretionary approach to portfolio management is guided by environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. We believe having values adds value. We constantly adapt. We see sustainable investing as more than a trend, it’s a way to tap into long-term — and sustainable — investments while managing emerging risks. As industries and companies adopt ESG principles, we keep track and look for new opportunities. It’s an evolving process and the definition of what makes a good investment good is changing.

What does ESG investing mean to us?

Integrity is the foundation of ESG investing. To us, securities that have a positive impact are ones that are thoughtful. They’re businesses that are aware of our changing world and the impact they have on it. They care about sustainability and equality and make decisions based not just on profit but people and the planet. They’re transparent about their values and care about their employees. These are the securities that fit our values.

Our portfolios are constantly adapting. Alongside working with leading ESG rating providers, we do our own research and due diligence to make sure the securities that make up our portfolios meet our standards of ESG. It’s not a perfect process but it’s an evolving one and our hands-on approach keeps us in touch with the constantly changing world of impact investing.

What does ESG investing mean to our clients?

We know through the discovery process over the past decade that our clients are increasingly aligned with ESG principals. They want their investments to generate returns and positive impacts.

Our wealth management approach is based on three pillars — Vision, Planning and Guidance. Vision means understanding your personal objectives, values and goals. Those elements inform a long-term financial plan and impactful portfolio. With that in mind we guide and educate you on the rapidly evolving world of ESG investing aligning your strategic vision with what matters most to you.  There’s nothing more critical to us than what your wealth means to you. 

So why not invest in a way that fits your values?