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Diversified Alternatives Income Portfolio

You think outside the box. So why not invest outside the box?

There’s a whole world of diverse investment opportunities beyond the traditional markets waiting to be tapped. We recognize this. We also recognize that each client has a unique vision for how their future should look. That’s why we’ve created the Diversified Alternatives Income Portfolio.

Drawing from non-traditional products and guided by Francis Sabourin Wealth Management’s discretionary approach to portfolio management, the Diversified Alternatives Income Portfolio generates stable income and portfolio performance that is not correlated to the volatility of traditional equity markets. All through the lens of making your life simpler and preserving your hard-earned wealth.

Unique vision. Alternative investments.

For the past decade, Francis Sabourin Wealth Management has been utilizing the VPG approach — vision, planning and guidance — to help clients meet their personal goals and wealth objectives. We’ve provided a variety of diversified investment portfolios, encompassing all global financial markets and a spectrum of products from stocks, bonds and ETFs, to alternative investments like real estate, private debt, and asset-backed lending.
The Diversified Alternatives Income Portfolio builds on our successful, client-centric culture. Drawing from our experience and expertise we’ve designed an innovative new portfolio that handpicks some of the best alternative investment products on the market and brings them under one roof.

Giving you the advantage of access

Comprised of six firm-approved holdings, The Diversified Alternatives Income Portfolio generates steady returns in both U.S. or Canadian dollars while empowering our clients by accessing unconventional investments such as real estate and student housing REITs, private and public debt, and short-term bridge loans.

While these types of assets are typically reserved for accredited investors and are difficult to source and manage on a direct basis, we remove those barriers and make it simple to access these types of non-traditional investments. The end result is a turn-key solution.

Our unique offering of regular cash flow in Canadian and U.S. dollars means a steady income wherever and however you choose to spend your time. Or you can reinvest and watch your wealth continue to grow. The portfolio also gives you the liquidity you need to pivot and meet life’s milestones.

Optimizing returns. Minimizing risk.

As with Francis Sabourin Wealth Management’s entire suite of investment products and VPG principles of wealth management, The Diversified Alternatives Income Portfolio is specifically designed and actively balanced to minimize risk and optimize the investment returns of your portfolio. All progress and decisions are meticulously documented and communicated to our clients.

Above all, every decision we make reflects your values and vision, adheres to your strategic wealth plan and legacy, and comes with unparalleled guidance and foresight as you move through all of life’s stages.

You’re unique. So why should your approach to investing be any different?

Think outside the box. Think Diversified Alternatives Income Portfolio.