Preparing the next generation for wealth

Financial literacy tips for kids at every age

Discussing your family’s financial resources with your children can feel daunting. But there are ways for wealthy families to instill positive values and help children learn how to handle their wealth in emotionally, financially and age-appropriate ways, It’s never too early to start.

Here are some ways to approach conversations about family wealth at each stage. 

Younger kids

▢ Teach basic money concepts

Young kids can learn the basics of money like saving, spending and sharing, especially in real life money moments, like a trip to the grocery store. Teach them to shop wisely, considering quality, need and price – and understanding the difference between wants and needs.

▢ Use allowances

Give your kids an allowance or financial rewards for chores to introduce and reinforce the value of earned money. 

▢ Piggy banks or savings accounts

Encourage children to save by putting money aside in a piggy bank, or opening savings accounts in their names. Kids can watch as their money grows and learn the value of saving. 

▢ Discuss family values

Talk about your family’s values related to money, such as generosity, hard work and financial responsibility. 

Older kids

▢ Financial education

Help kids understand budgeting and include them in conversations about investing and financial markets. Talk about what to do with a first paycheque, or how to use a credit card responsibly. 

▢ Part-time jobs

Encourage part time jobs during summers or weekends to instill a solid work ethic and financial independence.

▢ Discuss family wealth

Be open and transparent about your family’s wealth and the responsibilities that come with it.  

▢ Philanthropy

Promote giving back to the community through charitable activities and donations. Consider volunteering for organizations as a family, so your kids see firsthand the difference their efforts can make.   

Young adults

▢ Financial responsibility

Gradually transfer financial responsibilities to them, like managing their own investments or businesses. 

▢ Professional guidance

Encourage them to seek advice from financial advisors and other professionals to learn about wealth management. 

▢ Networking opportunities

Connect them with mentors and networks to help them grow their own efforts and support their entrepreneurial endeavours and business ventures.  

▢ Family meeetings

Hold family meetings to discuss wealth, investments and financial strategies together. 

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Listen to this episode of our Conversations on Wealth podcast: “How to introduce children to wealth.” 

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