Our 4 Step Process

As an Investment Advisor with Richardson Wealth, my full-service approach involves more than providing investment products and services. I am dedicated to developing deep trust with my clients through detailed consultation, appropriate investment ideas and value-added guidance. I believe that it is as essential to manage cash flow, structure debt and reduce interest costs & tax as it is to build a sound portfolio.

My proactive process will help you reach your life goals and provide you with the detailed attention you need in order to achieve financial success and peace of mind.

Step 1: Create your Client Profile

The Client Profile meeting allows me to understand what is important to you—whether it is retirement or estate planning, children’s education, debt, insurance or taxes–as well as your risk tolerance and preferences. Your Client Profile allows me to personalize all available strategies and services to your goals.

Step 2: Construct your Wealth Strategy

Using all the details in your Client Profile, I will work with you to construct a customized Wealth Strategy. Your Wealth Strategy contains specific and measurable milestones to keep you on the right financial course towards your goals.

Step 3: Implement your Wealth Strategy

Once we have come to a mutual agreement on your Wealth Strategy, it will be put it into action. If necessary, I will engage a network of wealth and estate planning specialists to implement specific strategies and can also work with your existing professionals, like lawyers or accountants, to execute the plan.

Step 4: Regular Progress Meetings

After your plan has been implemented, we will maintain regular contact to discuss any updates to your Client Profile, or changes to your individual, professional or family circumstances, and re-balance your strategy accordingly.