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In his book Longevity Lifestyle by Design, Mike Drak outlines how you can 'fail' at retirement if you don't take the time to plan ahead for your post-career life. He outlines 7 keys to a successful retirement, tied into the fundamental needs of retirees. 


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Tax Reference Sheet 2024

A useful guide to help with your tax planning throughout the year. 

You'll find a variety of information regarding:

  • Government plans monthly benefits
  • Quebec Pension Plan (QPP) and Canada Pension Plan (CPP) benefits
  • RRSP and TFSA contribution limits
  • Tax tables by province
  • RESPs and grants

Download the Tax Reference Sheet here

Lifestyle Expense Worksheet

Use our comprehensive Lifestyle Expenses worksheet to determine your current cost of living or plot out your projected cost of living when a life change is on the horizon. Print, use, share!


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Are You an Accredited Investor?

An accredited investor is a person or a company that has privileged access and authorization to trade particular securities because they satisfy at least one requirement related to their income, net worth, asset size, governance standing, or professional experience. Check out the list of criteria to find out if you are an accredited investor.


Download the list here



Identity Theft Checklist

Here is our handy guide to two big questions: how can you tell whether you've been the victim of identity theft? And what steps should you take to remedy the situation? Print it, save it, use it, share it - let's stay cybersafe!


Download it here

How safe are your passwords?

This eye-opening chart illustrates the time required for a computer to crack passwords of varying complexity levels. For instance:

  • An 8-character password composed of standard letters yields 209 billion combinations, which a computer can calculate instantly.
  • Introducing one upper case letter to the password significantly increases the time for the computer to crack it, extending the duration to approximately 22 minutes.
  • Employing a combination of upper and lower case letters, symbols, and numbers results in the most secure password configuration.
  • For example, a 12-character password containing at least one upper case letter, one symbol, and one number would take approximately 34,000 years for a computer to crack.

Download the infographic here


Source: Chart: How Safe Is Your Password? | Statista


Monthly Market Monitor - May 2024

Here are the latest monthly market returns from the Richardson Wealth Action Desk! 


May 2024


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