Client Testimonials

We are proud of the testimonials that confirm our dedication to our clients, and our understanding of their needs. Building solid relationships with our clients, and taking the time to understand each person's goals, concerns, and risk tolerance is the foundation of our financial planning process.

Her recommendations have helped us to achieve our goals and enjoy a comfortable and active retirement

"Our professional relationship with Lynn MacNeil and her team goes back more than 20 years, during which she has shown herself to be interested in and knowledgeable about our particular (changing) situations, and how best to manage our portfolio, always with great humanism and intelligence. We are very pleased in having Lynn MacNeil as a professional consultant; her recommendations and decisions have helped us over these many years to achieve our goals and enjoy a comfortable and active retirement." 

— RHV, Physician, Retired and CV, Professor Emerita

They take the time to listen, appreciate and tailor their investment approach to your individual needs

“I appreciate their individualized approach. Fadi and Lynn take the time to listen, appreciate and tailor their investment approach to your individual needs. They are able to assess the global situation and see what elements will improve your overall portfolio. In my situation, we have decided to focus on the private equity side of investments, an area that I had only little exposure to in the past. Additionally, I really appreciate how Fadi and Lynn will reach out to me personally to advise me of any new or original instruments that fit our investment strategy.”

— Steve B, Practicing Physician 

I have appreciated Fadi’s steady hand in the market downturns and his extraordinary accessibility and patience

“My late husband and I "inherited" Fadi from a previous financial advisor, whose somewhat chaotic investment style was not much of an improvement over what had been my own "hit or miss" investment approach. My initial skepticism soon dissipated under his thoughtful planning of our investment portfolio, which began its slow and steady rise — no drama. We weathered a few downturns in the market — and with those I witnessed not only Fadi's steady hand in navigating these but also his extraordinary accessibility and patience with us at those moments when panic was about to set in. How comforting it is now, in my older age, that Fadi continues to monitor any new, appropriate investment opportunities for me, that he is available to communicate on a regular basis, and to advise on any financial-related subject — tax implications, patient explanations of products and procedures — and he expedites everything when possible!” 

— Eva Libman PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Co-Director, Behavioural Psychotherapy & Research Unit Department of Psychiatry, Jewish General Hospital 

What I greatly appreciate is the overall work ethic, the professionalism and the responsiveness of the whole team

"From my first meeting with Lynn MacNeil, I was impressed with the care she took and the knowledge she possessed when explaining things. She comes to meetings well prepared, helpful, and ready to answer any and all questions fully, respectfully, and patiently. Lynn always tries to understand my concerns and my needs and then makes recommendations. Also, what I greatly appreciate is the overall work ethic, professionalism and responsiveness of the whole team, to any question or concern I have. All questions and concerns are dealt with as soon as possible." 

— Sonia, Retired Teacher of the Deaf

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